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12. December 2023

Thank you for the successful business in 2023.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy new year.

We are in vacation from December 27th, 2023 untill January 5th, 2024. We will be back for you in the new year from January 8th, 2024

6. July 2023

70th anniversary our parent company Endress+Hauser

3. June 2022

IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH at VICTAM Corporation International in Utrecht

21. Dezember 2021

Beautiful Christmas time

Come to rest, light candles, bake cookies, drink mulled wine, indulge in memories, make new plans, enjoy the days off, …
We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, quiet and cozy days and a happy new year.

We will be on a well-deserved Christmas vacation from December 24th, 2021 to January 7th, 2022 and will be back for you in the new year from January 10th, 2022.

30. August 2021

Lenser Filtration GmbH visits IMKO in Ettlingen

LENSER Filtration GmbH presented the LENSER i-Plate, their first intelligent filter element, at IMKO premisses in Ettlingen. The material moisture in the filtration cake is determined by means of a moisture sensor during the process, which is unique.
Lenser has been researching this intelligent product since 2014 and has obtained support from a well-known sensor manufacturer. There were of course successful and less successful development phases in the various development stages of the sensor. Looking back, we can both proudly say: It was worth it! The LENSER i-Plate has been recognized with great interest in the market and has already been installed in some applications.
The show truck is an ideal way of conveying real and tangible information to the customer.
Many THANKS to the Lenser company for your visit and the technical information.

Are you interested, too? Contact us.

13. Juli 2021

ATEX Products
ATEX Guideline 2014/34/EU| II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T75°C Db conformable EPS 20 ATEX 1 237 X

In the brochure you will find information about our 5 new ATEX products as well as examples of their applications.


29. March 2021

From practice:
Moisture measurement in grain dryers
HETECH Trend Kft. from Hungary is celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year and we are already working together for 12 years. We look forward to continued good and fruitful cooperation für the next 12 years. Congrats HETECH


25. February 2021

SDI-12 the universal Standard for easy implementation to Environmental Systems  
Do you know the SDI-12 Standard? As IMKO meanwhile offers all its PICO-Sensors in optional version fulfilling the SDI-12 Standard and we are even member of the SDI-12 Support Group, if this is interesting for you, just come back to us, we would be pleased to assist. Recently we even extended our set of supported commands by a couple of extended commands, based on a customer demand and making the daily operation even more convenient, for details follow here to find the latest Protocol-Manual…


15. February 2021

Short Instruction for the SONO-WZ
We have update our manuals – please find the latest version for the SONO-WZ here (….)


08. February 2021

Press Release:
IMKO contributes to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

IMKO has been manufacturing moisture measurement technology for a wide variety of applications for over 36 years and is distribung worldwide. One of the applications is the measurement of moisture contents in masonry, bridges and monuments. This is done with high precision using the proprietary TRIME technology. This technology was originally developed in the 1980s to measure soil moisture.
As it is now known, the measurement technology is used in a project, managed through our French Distributor SDEC, based in Reignac sur Indre. This even takes a great extent in the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The company involved in the renovation needs the measured values in order to conclude on the building integrity of the damaged structure. The cathedral caught fire on the evening of April 15, 2019 and has been under reconstruction ever since.

“We are happy to be able to make an essential contribution to the reconstruction of Notre Dame”.

17. December 2020

Thank you for the good cooperation. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please note, due to the pandemic situation we are away for christmas holiday for the period of time among December 24th and January 5th, 2021.
We are back on Thursday, January 7th, 2021!

1. December 2020

IMKO goes Green!

Climate change is a concern for all of us. IMKO is taking one step ahead towards local responsibility and global sustainability. We will convert our robust carrying cases to a novel material in 2021.
ARBOBLEND® from TECNARO has received multiple awards and has been awarded the Green Brand Germany. The material mix is based on glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibers. The glucose obtained from sugar cane and sugar beet is technical sugar that does not compete with food. The new case consists of up to 93% renewable raw materials and is 100% recyclable.

Another advantage is that the carbon necessary for the
production of ARBOBLEND® is obtained from carbon sources in the atmosphere. Thermal recycling at a later date is then carbon-neutral in the sense of a closed carbon cycle

27. November 2020

TRIME-GW Line – The largest sensor for measuring bulk solids with extremely low densities

The innovative GW Line single-rod probe is used to determine the material moisture in loose bulk materials with low density such as whole corn cobs, tobacco, medicinal herbs and aromatic plants, etc.
You all know what that means. Light bulk goods are often characterized by an inhomogeneous moisture content. This can be determined appropriately and with high precision using the TRIME-GW Line. The volume of the measuring field is approx. 12l and is particularly suitable for representative and reliable measurements of light bulk goods with inhomogeneous material moisture. The sensor uses our proprietary radar measurement technology (TRIME) and a special algorithm that scans the measurement volume several times per second and transfers the measurement signal to a downstream process control via the known standard interfaces.

10. November 2020

Testing site Reutgraben

We are facing novel inquiries on our sensors every day, focusing on new applications for various tasks.
Therefore, with early 2020, we equipped a demo plot to be able to conduct long term testing of PICO32, PICO64 and T3PN in various conditions. The visualization of the acquired data has been maintained over the local ethernet (SQL database and RasperryPi) with a front end at the video screen in our lobby.

The data is corresponding to the geographical setting in the lower Rhine depression, characterized by light soil and a close groundwater table. The data show a high velocity of filling up and draining the rootzone with limits to the general ground water table over all applied probe types.

2. November 2020

Everything you always wanted to know about roots

Using the PICO probes enables to read soil moisture and other data. Klaas Plaas (Managing Director of Berry Konsult, NL) states, that the use of PICO probes makes oneself a soil expert rapidly: Electrical conductivity, soil temperature and soil moisture are the three most prominent factors to draw conclusion on a root zone condition.
With IMKO this is possible, where you want to specifically have a look upon: roots of a crop plant.
Measurements in the drainage water or at the soil surface are only able give a very vague idea of root conditions.

„The nice thing of the EC-TRIME detection on electrical conductivity in soil is, that you see the conditions of the root zone instantly. Indirect measurements are only capable of displaying similar results after 2-4 days in deep field and greenhouse applications.”

Ruggedized and mobile moisture probe to determine the water-cement ratio in fresh concrete. 1.5m or 3.0m cable, probe size 154 x 60mm (length x width)

21. August 2020

Soil Brochure

Our new soil brochure contains 28 pages of information and application examples for moisture measurement in agricultural engineering, hydrology and irrigation.


10. August 2020

IMKO presents the SONO M1 connect

The new SONO M1 has been realized in a sprint with a strong involvement of product scouts: distributors feedback reflecting different markets and applications. With this new product we are completing our product range effective immediate. Our probes are seriously exposed to load and wear on construction sites all over the world. The cable of the SONO M1 is now detachable right at the probe head with a MIL 7 coupling. So, in the unlikely event of cable damage just change the cable instead of changing the full probe set.
This is one of our core values: Realizing the best solution possible for our customers.

04. August 2020

The seed has been sown, let us help you to optimize your harvest

Again an exciting harvest season lies in front of us. The moisture of corn, cereals or soy is an essential parameter to the quality and the yield itself. On the one side there is a huge potential to save energy, on the other side there is a high potential in yield management, due to not loosing weight on overdrying. In addition the elimination of the risk of underdrying helps to stabilize the yield and prevent a total loss, e.g. due to mould – an important fact to consider. Our DLG-proven TRIME©-GWs supplies the necessary parameter in real-time, just ask your dryer manufacturer , if they already use our technology, or directly get in touch with us. (DLG: German National Agricultural Association).

28. July 2020

Customized solutions for moisture measurement in bulk solids

The right moisture sensor for every application.


23. July 2020

New payment term – PayPal® 

From today we have launched PayPal® at IMKO. The novel payment term primarily helps to speed up processing time in international trade. But national customers can benefit, too from faster order processing. We would be happy to send you further information upon your request.

20. July 2020

Brochures for the concrete industry

The brochure will help you to find the right products and explain our technology.


17. July 2020

Innovation based on our well-proven TRIME technology

Recently at IMKO, we came across the idea to extend our well-proven TRIME approach to determine the water content even in liquids. This is vital in fields where the amount of water content can influence the quality of liquids such as oil. Our preliminary tests were successful, and so we decided to set up a test platform in which we can measure, characterize and develop custom-made sensor prototypes. The test platform serves to validate any prototype sensor, which can be installed as an intermediate component (a pipe segment) integrated into the test platform. To further validate and improve the credibility of the sensor, we can now verify measuring the water content of different liquids under controllable parameters such as flow rate and pressure. The illustrated test platform was designed, constructed and placed into operation within half a year. Initial results show that we can achieve target sensitivity that is relevant in the industrial sector, e.g. to detect small amounts of water in oils. Despite being at the very beginning of our developments, we are excited to see that the huge potential in the IMKO TRIME technology is far from exhausted.

15. July 2020

New process for us, better service for you

We improved our service and maintenance handling at IMKO. After a root analysis of the current processes, we were able to implement a series of changes. The before mentioned aims towards more transparency of the process for you. This requires automatization in order to keep you informed of the relevant steps of you repair or maintenance. We have launched internal testing of our new system and scheduled the live implementation for mid 2020.

We will keep you posted on the evolving process.

9. July 2020

How to maintain the perfect installation for aggregate moisture probes

We recommend to have the SONO-VARIO installed under the silo hatch, which leads to obvious advantages:

  • The material flow is constant, therefore the material density remains constant during the acquisition of moisture readings
  • Moisture is determined, where batch samples would be / could be taken

Due to steady material flow and pressure on the sensor, the probe is kept clean. (A challenge is adhesive material, which would build up on the sensor and prevent correct readings of the goods flow).

23 August 2019

DEMO set in the suitcase!

The new DEMO set (SONO-Vario, SONO-View, mounting and PVC receptacles for test material) provides you with the option in the future to demonstrate the function of the moisture sensors to your customers on a live basis.

The PVC receptacles enable the simple demonstration of various different grit sizes and moisture contents.

24 July 2019

New Head of Sales & Marketing!

We are very happy, to present the new person in charge of Sales & Marketing at IMKO.

Dr. Cornelius Jantschke graduated PhD form the University Hohenheim 2007. At that time he worked in an industry collaboration with IMKO, developing dynamic soil moisture measurement equipment  with IMKO for precision agriculture and irrigation. He worked in environmental engineering on an international scale since 2008 and focused on different responsibilities on international sales since 2011.

14 February 2019

Material Moisture Measurement within Filtration Technology
Filter presses are deployed for the liquid/solid separation of various different materials, such as ceramic material, sludge, tensides, oils, food products such as gelatine, fruit juices, grapes, and many others. One issue that has always been a problem at the filtration process was the capability to verify, respectively monitor the pressing process in a manner that generates constant feedback regarding the exact moisture content of the material currently being pressed, With the innovative SONO moisture sensors that features the extensive moisture measurement range of 0 to 100% and a conductivity range of up to 50dS/m, applications for virtually any material are possible.

The enterprise Scharfenberger Maschinenbau (production system engineering), one of the leading providers for the viticultural sector is deploying the innovative SONO-VARIO LD surface probe in its grape presses. The capability to exactly control the moisture content of the grapes during the pressing process ensures the ability to control the tannin content in the wine and consequently assure for the general quality of the wine.

Scharfenberger GmbH & Co. KG | D-67098 Bad Dürkheim

At the INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA 2018 trade fair, the company Scharfenberger Maschinenbau was awarded a prize. The expert jury awarded the measurement of residual moisture content  “HUMIDITY CONTROL” with a SILVER prize in the category „Processing and Process control”.
At the option “+ humidity control“, a special digital sensor precisely measures the residual moisture content in the drum of the press. The current actual value is displayed at the completion of every pressure stage on the touch display of the press control system and can subsequently be directly evaluated. Due to the intelligent pre-processing of the measurement values, the winemaker is able to exactly determine the residual moisture content at which the grape must is separated, or the pressing programme is stopped.

22 September 2017

IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH becomes part of the Endress+Hauser Group

In October 2017 the Endress+Hauser Group takes over the business of IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH. “Endress+Hauser will open up new customer segments for our products and expand internationally”, says company founder Kurt Köhler. “As family owned Company Endress+Hauser stands for the same values that characterize the corporate culture at IMKO.” Kurt Köhler accompanies the change for one year. Sales is in the hands of Karsten Köhler.

Everything stays the same for customers, partners and suppliers: products, brands and contact persons remain unchanged. We are looking forward to a successful, joint future!

Group photo with the new owners from Endress+Hauser. Left in the Picture Dr. Andreas Mayr (CEO Endress+Hauser SE+Co. KG in Maulburg at that time), to the right Holger Reichhold (Chief Financial Officer), with the IMKO staff in the middle.

26 January 2017

We will have a new address from March 2017 on

After more than 20 years “Im Stöck 2” we will move to a new building in March 2017: Reutgraben 2 in Ettlingen. As we grow constantly our actual building got too small. Now we double our space to be prepared for the future.

You may find us under the following address from now on:

IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH

Am Reutgraben 2

76275 Ettlingen

All our other contacts like telephone and e-mail stay the same.

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