• Micropilot S FMR532

    For high accurate non-contact level measurement in stilling well applications in custody transfer.

  • Micropilot S FMR540

    Horn antenna and parabolic antenna for custody transfer applications.

  • Tankside Monitor NRF81

    Field gateway for tank sensor operation, monitoring and integration into inventory control system.

  • Terminalvision NXS85

    Terminal management and loading monitoring software.

  • Tankvision Professional NXA85

    Gathers data from connected interface modules (Tankvision Tank Scanner or Multi Scan).

  • Tankvision Multi Scan NXA83

    Acquires data from field instruments and communicates data to other system (Modbus or OPC).

  • Tankvision Gauge Link NXA20

    Acquires data from non Endress+Hauser field instruments and converts it to Modbus.

  • Tankvision Host Link NXA822

    Communicates data to other system (Modbus).

  • Tankvision Data Concentrator NXA821

    Consolidates data from connected Tank Scanners NXA820.

  • Tankvision Tank Scanner NXA820

    Acquires data from field instruments.

  • Middleware for IMS SXS70

    Integration of data from inventory management software packages into ERP.

  • Connect Sensor FXA30

    Battery-powered remote cellular monitoring of connected 4 to 20mA analog field devices.