SONO-MIX-MINI-LD: The mixer probe for special mixing units and process technology

Made of stainless steel with a wear-resistant ceramic window, the mixer probe is suited to build in intensive mixers and special mixing units as well as for process technology. The patented TRIME transducer measures high frequency TDR impulses with 1 GHz and a solution of one picosecond (1×10-12) and determines with this moisture and conductivity.


The compact rectangular moisture probe measures the moisture of bulk solids with a low density between 0.3kg/dm³ bis 1.0kg/dm³.

  • Robust probe body of stainless steel V2A and special ceramics
  • Ideal for bulk solids with low density like granulates, powder, grains and oilseeds
  • Up to 15 different material calibration curves may be saved directly in the probe
  • Further evaluation units are not necessary
  • Integrated signal processing and output with intelligent filter algorithms directly in the probe