TRIME®-GWs for quality and an optimum of grain and product moisture

Special about TRIME is that it completely penetrates the volume of material of 2dm3. It not only calculates data of the moisture close to the surface like the infrared measuring principle but also the water content of the not ground corn. Complex and error-prone bypass constructions are slipped with TRIME systems. In Addition TRIME technology disposes over a flexible design of the probe and therefore works in a variety of applications.

Applications and benefits of TRIME technology

  • Determination of grain and product moisture directly in the dryer
  • Inline measurement within the process at temperatures up to 130°C
  • Reduced working time and higher process transparency by continuous measurement
  • Cost savings as time-consuming follow-up treatments for over- and underdrying get redundant
  • Measuring range up to 70% moisture
  • Resolutions in dry area up to 0.05%
  • Different probes for each application and demand
  • Trouble-free system connection to every common memory programmable control
  • Additional determination of product temperature with a temperature sensor
  • Optimized workflows with cost savings
  • Probe body made of temperature stable special material PEEK to be used in food industry
  • Robust probe designs for long-term use under extreme conditions
  • Measurement independent of type of grain, temperature of material to measure and ionic conductivity