Moisture measurement in agricultural technology, hydrology and irrigation

Water is the base of all life. No living beings manage without water. Reason enough to consciously deal with water. IMKO guarantees an economical use of water with its measuring instruments.

Our TRIME soil moisture probes based on radar guarantee unlike older technologies a long time stability:

  • The probes enable measurements up to the area of soil saturation of hundred percent.
  • Depending on the soil you adjust the calibration curves in the probe for sandy or clayey soils up to pure clay.
  • You measure precisely more than ten years without maintenance: As there is no galvanic contact from the probe to the soil no oxid layers are built up. With this no measurement deviation occurs.
  • You measure exactly the moisture and the mineral content.
  • You decide the TRIME rod and pipe probes variably according to your measuring task.

Our modern soil moisture probes with TRIME technology control the water content in following applications:

  • Agricultural technology and irrigation
  • Hydrology for water balance models, for early warnings regarding landslide, for dam safety as well as for stability controlling of the subsoil of buildings and streets
  • Geology for monitoring landfill sites
  • Meteorology: climate, weather forecasts, water balance measurements, flood control
  • Science and research

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