Moisture sensors for the construction and concrete industry

The quality of fresh concrete decides over the life time of buildings. Only the optimal composition of water, cement, sand and gravel guarantee stability. The sensor technology of the moisture measurement takes over a central role for the correct mixture.

Moisture sensors with capacitive and microwave technology mostly provide less precise or stable measuring values in case of abrasion of the tube and of high conductivity or if bulk heights and grain size vary. The radar technology of our SONO moisture sensors open up new opportunities.

You improve your material and save costs and time if you use SONO process moisture devices in concrete plants and mobile SONO moisture sensors to control sand, gravel and fresh concrete on site. All sensors are developed for online as well as offline applications.

The technology is the answer to increasing demands for concrete used for buildings, bridges and tunnel. Only precise sensor technology guarantees product quality on a long term basis.

Learn more about our products and find an overview on the portfolio here: concrete moisture and soil moisture.

The advantages of SONO radar sensors for the construction industry:

  • Simply connect and measure: you avoid laborious calibration with the sensors.
  • The SONO sensors are extremely robust and longlasting even under extreme conditions. Thanks to the patented sensor head you extend the service life significantly.
  • All at a glance: in difference to other moisture probes you do not need an expensive evaluation unit.
  • Even for networked operation configuration and interface setting is very easy to handle.
  • The SONO probe series is characterized by an attractive price-performance ratio.