Feedback of our customers

“Over the years we have tested several moisture sensors. Except the SONO probes no other sensors could convince us so far. Unique for us is the minimum effort in maintenance. Where we had to recalibrate every ten days before, we focus on the real important topics of our products.”

“Our plant in Stuttgart works automatically with eight SONO moisture probes. With the convincing moisture measurement even of coarse aggregates we now comply and control concrete recipes better. We evaluated the measured values of the SONO probes in our laboratory and confirm an accuracy of 1-2 liter per m³. We work without recalibration in summer and winter operations.”

“Our research comprises investigations of rice and wheat fields in Nepal. We especially evaluate different soil cultivations and corn specific measures concerning soil physics to assess the subsequent plant growth. The measurement of different soil depths is important for the evaluation and interpretation of the plant growth. We used the TRIME-T3 tube probe system for this and could implement it successfully in rice and wheat fields. The TRIME tube probe system guaranteed us flexibility, reproducibility and representativeness of the measuring results. The system is easy to handle and fast to transport between the measuring points. Because of the good experiences a colleague of our institute ordered another TRIME system.”

“A value of 1.92 EUR per mixing process with at least ten incorrect measurements per day means 19.20 EUR. Those multiplied with 200 production days sums up to 3,840 EUR per year. That alone plus savings in lime supplements compensated the costs for the reconstruction for SONO-Vario completely already within the first year. I just can recommend the SONO-Vario for measuring moisture.”

“Heidelberg Cement is using the IMKO SONO VARIO system in multiple operations across Europe and Asia/Oceania. These probes are usually installed in our Readymix Concrete batching plants underneath the bin gates for fine aggregates to measure material moistures. HeidelbergCement considers the IMKO SONO VARIO technology as one of the top solutions for live fine aggregates material moisture measurements due to their ability to perform accurate results over very long periods without the need of re-calibration due to wear of the probe head.”

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