SONO-Ex MIX Mini: mixer probe with wear-resistant ceramic window

The stainless steel housing of the probe and the ceramic window make the SONO-Ex MIX Mini a wear-resistant mixer probe for daily use. The probe is firmly connected to the electronics housing in which the TRIME TDR transmitter is located.

This generates a high-frequency TDR pulse with 1 GHz.

The TDR pulse travels along the waveguide of the probe and creates an electromagnetic field around the probe in the material. The transit time of this pulse is measured with a resolution of one picosecond (1 × 10-12) to determine humidity and conductivity.


  • The compact measuring window of 90 x 36 mm is also suitable for installation in confined areas
  • In this way holding arms in the intensive mixer can be avoided
  • The probe automatically recalibrates itself in the event of abrasion
  • Installation in screw conveyors is also quick and easy
  • Thanks to the special ceramic, the mixer probe is extremely robust and has a long service life
  • You receive precise measured values through a representative measuring field and the disk-shaped radar scan
  • The measurement behavior is optimized for color and fine components in the mixture


The SONO-Ex MIX Mini mixer probe is suitable e.g. for installation in:

  • Intensive mixer
  • Special mixer
  • container
  • screw conveyer
  • Material hopper
  • Conveyor belts

As a special version, Low Density (LD) or High Conductivity (HC), it is also suitable for general applications in process technology with bulk materials of low density or high conductivity.




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