SONO-Ex GS1: The humidity probe for heterogeneous bulk materials

The SONO-Ex GS1 humidity probe consists of an aluminum housing with a PEEK window. The probe is connected to the electronics housing in which the TRIME TDR transmitter is located.

This generates a high-frequency TDR pulse with 1 GHz.

The TDR pulse travels along the waveguide of the probe and creates an electromagnetic field around the probe in the material. The transit time of this pulse is measured with a resolution of one picosecond (1 × 10-12) to determine humidity and conductivity.


With the relatively large probe dimensions and the large measuring field, the SONO-Ex GS1 is ideally suited for heterogeneous bulk goods such as wood chips, pellets, pasta and similar materials.

The humidity probe is built into e.g. containers, material hoppers or screw conveyors.


  • The large measuring field with a volume of 5 liters ensures a representative and precise measurement of even coarser, inhomogeneous materials
  • You can save up to 15 different, individual material calibration curves directly in the probe
  • The probe configuration for different applications is self-explanatory and simple
  • Signal processing and evaluation with intelligent filter algorithms are integrated in the probe
  • Additional evaluation devices are not required
  • Thanks to the radar technology and the disc-shaped radar scan, the measurement is extremely reliable

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