We developed SONO VARIO Xtrem for highly abrasive materials like gravel and grit. A hardened probe head with special ceramics guarantees a long lifetime.

Applications and benefits

  • Ideal for measurements in highly abrasive bulk solids like for example 8-16mm gravel or sludge
  • Highest reliability also when measuring adhesive materials like pastes, lime, powder, cellulose, dough and similar
  • The probe head consists of strongly abrasion-resistant, hardened steel with a rectangular ceramic window and it is interchangeable
  • Precise measurement also under extreme conditions
  • TRIME technology ensures reliability even with steam or different particular sizes of sand and gravel
  • The additionally measured radar based conductivity value up to 12dS/m allows conclusions on other parameters of the material recipe
  • Simple installation in containers, shafts, silos and at conveyor belts
  • Automatic correction of measuring value in case of abrasion of the probe head without recalibration
  • Intelligent preprocessing of measuring values with floating averaging, adjustable filter and up to 15 calibration curves happens directly in the probe
  • Two variably adjustable analog outputs 0 (4)…..20mA enable an easy connection to every control system
  • A RS485 interface connects the operation of the probe
  • A data bus protocol to connect several SONO probes is included
  • A connection of the probe to industry busses like Profibus, Ethernet and similar is possible via optional, external modules