Your advantages of using TRIME and SONO

You find water in soils, food, raw materials as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical products. The water content respective the moisture determines quality, storage capabilities and as weight proportion even the price of products. Furthermore it is about to fulfill legal requirements. So it is significant to measure precisely and control the water content in soils and material of process technology. Material moisture measurement presents not a trivial discipline, the requirements for moisture sensors are manifold.

IMKO sets new standards since more than 20 years with its patented TRIME and SONO TDR Technology to overcome disadvantages of the previous capacitive and microwave sensors.

With TRIME® TDR technology you measure material moisture precisely, directly, non-destructively and economically in varied applications.

Radar technology

TRIME stands for time domain reflectometry with intelligent micromodule elements and is based on the TDR principle, also called “cable radar”.  A high frequency (1GHz) TDR impulse is created within the device and runs along metallic rods or half shells dependent of the probe. The impulse builds a electromagnetic field around the ladder and with this around the TRIME probe. At the end of the ladder the impulse is completely reflected and runs back to the source. The runtime t of the impulse (10ps..2ns) has a direct connection with the volumetric water content of the measured medium via the dielectric constant. The TRIME device calculates the moisture value and is shown directly at the display or is transferred via an analog output respective a serial interface.

Precise measurements support your industrial or scientific applications and ensure a maximum of safety. Capacitive probes here often do not deliver the required accuracy in many applications.

Overview on advantages

  • Save costs and time: You measure directly and precisely within the process instead of taking manual extractions and drying labor-intensive samples.
  • Wide measuring range: Only the measuring principle with TRIME-TDR comprises up to 100% moisture.
  • Easy handling: TRIME products are robust and developed for extreme conditions. At the same time they are designed for a simple and fast operation.
  • Universal and individual: The provided universal calibration supersedes adjustments to measuring tasks. If special calibrations are needed the user-friendly software supports a fast and simple realisation.
  • Reliable: The TRIME measuring field ingresses deeply into the material or the soil. That is why the technology works reliably even in hard to measure material with high conductivity up to 20dS/m soil and material conductivity.