TRIME®-Ex GWs for quality and optimal grain and product moisture.

The special thing about the TRIME® technology is that the measurement field completely penetrates the sample volume of approx. 2dm3. Therefore it not only determines data about the near-surface moisture like the reflective infrared measuring technology, but it also records the water content of the whole grain that has not been ground. Complex and error-prone bypass constructions are not required with TRIME® systems. The TRIME® technology also has a very flexible probe design and is therefore suitable for a wide variety of tasks.

Applications and advantages of the TRIME® technology

  • Grain moisture and product moisture measurement directly in the dryer
  • Inline measurement in the process at up to 130 ° C
  • Reduced working hours and greater process transparency due to inline measurement
  • Cost savings, as time-consuming post-treatments in the event of over- or under-drying do not come up
  • Measuring ranges up to 70% humidity
  • Resolutions in the dry range up to 0.05%
  • Different probes depending on the application and requirements
  • Problem-free system connection to any common programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Additional recording of the product temperature by temperature sensors
  • Optimized work processes with cost savings
  • Probe body made of temperature-stable special material PEEK
  • Robust probe designs for long-term use under extreme environmental conditions
  • Measurement independent of the type of grain, temperature of the material being measured and ion conductivity

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